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RR VAGNINI contact information

Born in 1959, California artist RR VAGNINI first evinced drawing talent at age five, and his drive and commitment to creating art was born while a young man. 40 years later he continues to create with no signs of stopping.

Mother Africa 5Painting on paper. 38.1cm x 27.9cm.

Vagnini’s vigorous collages, paintings, drawings, and multi-media works are full of originality and power, though their technical inspiration derives from the spirit of the European surrealists and American abstract expressionists. In his work, Vagnini experiments freely with color, structure, and automatism, while striving for the simplicity of expression. A natural autodidact, Vagnini has worked in a variety of media — pastels, pen and ink, watercolor, collage, and ceramic — and in styles ranging from realism to abstractionism on paper and canvas.

RR VAGNINI’s prolific oeuvre  -a life-long chronicle of experimentation with color and application technique- has been exhibited successfully on both the east and west coasts, internationally collected and is in permanent gallery collections. His work has been published in literary journals, art magazines such as Kolaj, various on-line venues and was on display at the 2017 Whitney Biennial with Occupy Museums and most recently at 2019 Scope International Contemporary Art Fair, Miami Beach.


RR VAGNINI is an artist who aggressively seeks to engage his viewer in an aesthetic dialogue.

Let's Get Take-Out. Painting on canvas. 50.8cm x 40.6cm.

Neon Signs Outside Pete's WindowPainting on canvas. 50.8cm x 40.6cm.

I spend half the year painting and the other half creating socio-political collage. I am always evolving, always searching, always learning, always creating and always thinking. In my paintings, I tend to generally work in “series” and I try and show that artistic evolution as shapes break up, colors dissolve, and lines dissipate. Then, at some point, the lines are to be reassembled again into some different form and the colors and shapes belay a conceptual continuity. My central approach to painting is to always explore different avenues, but leave elements as to where I have been for others to see. After 40 years there’s quite a lot to see and explore. I’ve covered a lot of ground.”


I’ve always been a creator rather than a destroyer. Pretty simple.”

“My paintings represent 40 years of dedication to the exploration of composition, balance, color, and the all important “line”.”


“My art means everything to me, simply put. I’m a visual artist for the people. My art is meant to be seen, shared, shown and sold.”


The role of the artist in society has always been critical to the development of humankind. We seek to observe, record and ultimately enlighten viewers. In this, we have always served a higher purpose, benefiting the world in incalculable ways and I believe, beyond our collective expectations. “

The Ghost WalksPainting on canvas. 50.8cm x 40.6cm.

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