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Paul Cade contact information

I am an energetic seventy-six multiple-disciplinary Canadian artist who lives and works in Toronto. Before I returned to the studio in two thousand and six, I worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, film director and now I am a painter, sculptor and writer.

Paul Cade.

I play, I create in which ever way that strikes me on the day. I seldom repeat myself or do a series. The world’s discards are my art supply store. I am passionate about working with recycled material or found objects. I love the fact that they already have a past before I start to play with them to see what else they can be. As an artist I create experiences. First I have the experience something with no preconceived thoughts or exceptions, only a feeling. Secondly, when I am finished, it becomes someone else’s experience.

Tree, from the "Reimagined" series.

I have been creating and making art since I can remember (70+ years). It is like breathing for me and after I have finished most pieces, I no longer have an attachment to it. The sense of attachment usually comes from those around me. My art is simply an opportunity to play. I am constantly asked what my art means and my response generally is “it is what it is”. However someone interprets a piece is perfect and if someone else reacts totally differently, that is perfect to. For this reason I seldom titles pieces, I want the viewer to find their own meaning in the piece not one that I give them. The only exception to the titling is if a title has a meaning that has no direct connection to the work of art.

Night and Day, from the "Reimagined" series.

Hunter, from the "Reimagined" series.

I TRY, a poem by Paul Cade.


I dream

I try

I fall

No harm

I try again I fall again

Does it hurt…

Not as much as it would

if I didn’t try at all.

I hope that my art touches peoples hearts and helps them see the world with a more open mind and heart. Through my art I want to urge us to take a second look at what might be other wise dismiss or treat with disdain. My philosophy in life and my work reflects a Japanese concept,Wabi sabi, that is a beautiful aesthetic and a worldview, that connotes a way of living that finds beauty in imperfection and accepts the natural cycle of growth and decay. Wether it is a wonky tea cup, a wrinkled face or discarded and stained piece of fabric. It encourages us to find beauty and satisfaction in humble things and humble moments.

Untitled, from the "Reimagined" series.

I have three projects that I would love to see happen. One is something that I have been playing with for several years and that is to create a visual score that would be interpreted by a small group of musicians. It would be a total improvisation and not very repeatable. I see it as a large scale piece or maybe three large horizontal panels that the musicians would interpret. I have sketches of the concept. The second idea, which I have proposed to library that was being remodelled and looking for a large scale piece that would be installed along a long entrance hallway leading to the main library. My concept was to use construction scraps and leftover cables and wires and pipes and so on and out of the material, I would created low profile relief that would run the length of the wall. I did not have the credentials to be taken seriously and while I would still like to see it happen, I am not sure that it will.

Untitled, from the "Reimagined" series.

In the last few years I have fallen in love with installation work. The third project, which I have been working for a little over two years and that is a book. The working title is “Call Me Crazy” with the subtitle “The scribblings of a curious mind.” It is my story about living life creatively, about the ups and downs and about the events that have help arrive where I am today. The book will have the text, some poems and some art. I hope to have a rough draft by next spring.

Untitled, from the "Reimagined" series.

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