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LIVE Lessons


Skill Level



This course will be carried out on a recurring basis.


If this 2020 has taught us something, it is how important it is to have an online presence. Conventional art galleries have been challenged for the first time, and many face-to-face events have been canceled. Unfortunately, many artists have been taken by surprise.

In this course, using free or low-cost online tools we will learn how to make a simple web page that contains a portfolio and an explanation of the artist (it is not taught how to create an online store). Don’t worry if you have never made a website yourself. The course is prepared to make it easy for you to create and personalize your online space!

Who is the course for?

This course is for all those artists who want to create an online portfolio or website in which to show both their work and explain a little more about them. No prior knowledge of web creation is required.

Learning Path

In this first session we will talk about the online tools that we will use to create the web, domain providers (optional), what information and materials we need to have prepared before starting, and other technical aspects! 


Online session – 1h
Next session: 30th November 2020

Once we have all the materials and information ready, it’s time to start creating our website! We will use the WIX application to create the web. WIX allows users to create websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools, making it really easy and available for everyone!


In this first lesson we will show the main functionalities of WIX, how to navigate through its different pages and how to use each tool. In short, how to use WIX.


Online session – 1h
Next session: 7th December 2020

Once we know how to use WIX, it’s time to start! In this first session we will talk about the main pages that our website should have, how to create menus, and how to start building our website! We will also talk about the importance of personalization and applying personal style to the web space.


Online session – 1h
Next session: 14th December 2020

Continuation of the previous session. We will continue building our website! We will talk together about the progress made between one session and another and we will solve any doubts there are!


Online session – 1h
Next session: 21th December 2020

Although the course is designed to be able to create your website in 5 sessions, starting from session 4, sessions will be added as deemed convenient, depending on the participants and how the websites created within the framework of this course are evolving, if extra sessions are needed to solve problems or doubts, etc.


Online session – 1h
Next session: 28th December 2020



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