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Michael Rawley contact information

Michael Rawley, painter, poet began creative painting and writing in the early 1960s while living in Los Angeles, California.


I see myself as a medium through which Art can happen.  I get the “human” out of the way for the  “Artist” to perform. An Artist is basically lazy… in that it is easier to make Art than to not make Art. My ‘dream project’  is to (successfully) finish the Art I’m working on.

AMULET FOR A MULTICOLOR LADY, 20" x 16", oil paint on canvas oval.

My “philosophy” :

An Artist is:  an attitude 

Art:  a presentation 

The Artist’s dilemma:  never a big enough brush!

I decided  ‘I am an Artist’ when I was about 21 years old.  I had just begun painting.  The direction of my life changed. Being self-taught (which I have since found is also called  ‘primitive’)  I learn by paying attention to what I do and its results.  There is, of course, a lot I don’t know but by now I have experience with my medium… oil paints.  


I have a degree of control over what I’m doing even when it’s spontaneous. Among my heroes is Salvador Dali and Disney.

TURBULENCE AND REFLECTION, 24" x 18", oil paint on canvas 

At first I painted hard-line images, as in,  an apple is an apple,  a horse is a horse,  etc. Eventually arriving at spontaneous abstract,  I likened it to a musician blowing jazz.  Presented here are emotional outbursts made visual on stretched canvas and canvas panel and on masonite panel. The titles are given as a key for interpreting the images (as the Artist sees them).

Making Art is the search for truth… decisions. In the words of Salvador Dalí: “Painter…paint!”.

EYE LAND RESORT, 18" x 12", oil paint on canvas panel. Painted after a visit to Yucatan, Mexico. It's a place that looks back at you.

MAID IN FLYTE, 16" x 30" oil paint on masonite panel.

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