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Menkou Art contact information

My name is Jose Luis, but my artistic name is “Menkou Art”. I am a nobel artist from San Sebastian. My works are characterized in the current of abstract expressionism, eclectic even, sometimes fluid and other times brushwork.


On the technical side, my work is generally done with acrylics, tempera and special oils, as well as various pictorial instruments, especially spatulas. I attach great importance to colors, I caress and enjoy their combination and shapes during the creative process until I almost feel the figurative in a constant transformation that leads me to others.


Most of my works are made in mixed media, paying close attention to the psychological aspect of the work, essentially trying to convey its spirit and my feelings when creating it. My works reflect in their colorful themes important to me such as the environment, ecology awareness, matter, sustainability, science, the earthly, etc.

Blue Unicorn.

I am currently part of the Guipuzcoa Artists Association (A.A.G.). I have held several exhibitions locally with proposals from gallery owners from Madrid, Barcelona, Galicia, Marbella, Marseille, Milan, etc. Once the world returns to normal, I will be very happy to be able to show my physical work anywhere.


As an anecdotal and curious fact, I will say that I am a person who has suffered the amputation of my right arm due to an accident almost from birth, so my artistic name is related to this aspect, and I was baptized in an ironic and joyful celebration with the friends. Positivism and bliss, always.


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