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Kamil Jaczyński contact information

Kamil Jaczyński, born in 1981, is an artist professionally associated with the music industry. Culture and sport animator (scuba diving). Lecturer and specialist in public relations and music marketing. A member of the Polish Phonographic Academy, the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP PSU) and Polish Association of Audio Video Producers (ZPAV). Member of the Digital Olympics Main Committee.

Wall of Death XXI, acrylic paint & ink, collage, oil & acrylic markers, spray paint, china marker, mixed technique on 80cm x 100cm canvas. FOR SALE

He lectures at the Academy of Music Managers, postgraduate studies at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and at Collegium Civitas. He has been associated with Hip-Hop culture from the beginning in Poland. One of the creators of the Rap Urban Poetry co-financed by the National Center for Culture as part of the “Promotion of the Polish Language” program. One of the authors of “Anthology of Polish Rap” published by the National Center for Culture.

Learning to fly, acrylic paint & ink, spray paint, collage, acrylic markers, own technique on 60cm x 80cm canvas

My artistic work is neo-expressionism created using mixed techniques. Most often using acrylic paints and gouaches as well as spray paints and markers. The subject of the work is usually a study of a man with various many characteristic deformations. This is a colorful review of emotions and characters resulting from daily observations transferred to paper and canvas. 

IT'S OK TO BE YOURSELF, RUDEBOY, acrylic paint and ink, oil and acrylic markers, 70cm x 100cm canvas.

My paintings are very colorful but dystopian and pessimistic. I have several painting series – Hey Dude, VooDoo People, Regalia and Project 500, which was actually the beginning of it all. For me, art is a form of dialogue with the audience. It’s asking difficult questions that don’t necessarily require an answer. I like to talk a lot, and thanks to my art I can say even more. Even when I’m silent.

Hello stranger, acrylic paint and ink, china marker, collage / paper A3 size, made of pieces collected in galleries during Berlin Art Week 2020

Close Encounters of the Third Kind, acrylic, collage, oil markers, mixed technique on 70cm x 100cm canvas

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