The following issues of the magazine bring together the articles that you can find on our blog in one place. This is very practical if you want to download a specific article!

We are still finishing updating some of the articles on our blog, and some may not be available yet. If you want to share an article on your social networks and you can’t find it on the blog, please, get in touch with us!


Artists: Sarah Nind, Mae Charles, Viktoria Cohen, Samantha Sadik, Izabela Duhova, Bianca Mancin, among others!


Artists: Alejandra Osollo, Mariana Ocejo, Nibera, Karen Schulze, Alicja Kozlowska, ASAK, among others!


Artists: Steven Fisher, K.D., Kaimurai /(Abishek GJ), Pieter Debruyne, Dakari, Brecht Lanfossi, among others!


Artists: Anda Marcu, Ariel Aurora, Cristina Balan, Evelyn Contreras, among others!


Artists: Anna Schierbeek, Maximilian, Andreas Singh, Juan José Castaño, Karli Henneman, Stan Olthuis, Mélanie Humbert, Marko Tušek, among others!