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Daniela Struna contact information

Each person is the result of an infinite stratification of information. Returning to the past of ancient Europe means discovering an unknown part of our being, being reborn, enriching one’s culture, creating a bond with the ancestors. 


A study on Memory and the re-emergence of old myths is necessary, especially in this uprooted world, lost in the shadow of technology. The interest in past civilizations manifested itself many years ago, with the discovery of mysterious and strong signs and symbols on the archaeological finds existing in the Mediterranean area: spirals, crosses, circles, meanders, swastikas, eyes, the solar boat, the quadriga etc. Often used in my artistic representations, the ideograms of “Old Europe” – as Marija Ghimbutas called it – retain their profound, sacred, evocative meaning. 

Daniela Struna with one of her pieces.

For the “peoples of the sea”, the horse had a special and very strong bond with man. It was the symbol of the sun, of the passage of time, of cyclicality, of the four elements. In my works, the horse represents past civilizations, for its grace, power, elegance, beauty. The unicorn is my way of telling the story. Symbol of the celestial horse, the unicorn is a source of revelation. As a divine being it is associated with gentleness, temperament, power combined with rebirth. This fantastic animal is the metaphor of what people are looking for today: truth, old values, roots. Recovering it means returning to ancestral traditions, the recovery of memory. An extravagant and fabulous creature: its story resembles the fragments of memory that have conquered time. 


The chromaticity of my works is close to the colors of the stones, the vases, the fragments of memory that populate the museums. Shades of gray, black, white, red – symbol of the sun, spirit, blood, traces of gold – symbol of wealth but also of transcedental light. 


The solar horses of the church of San Marco in Venice are the model of the representation of my licorne. My works represent a tribute to the fragments of memory that remind us where we come from and who we are: a reason to be reborn better. 


“Are we betting that Cronus, the titan of the golden age, was a goddess?” Archaeologist Maria Grazia Pelaia.


Art is the Truth. I believe that when this important form of manifestation is controlled and subordinated to power, the essence is lost. Today we are witnessing a total degradation in terms of art: every person can be an artist, every object can become a work of art. We have reached the Midas complex: everything that touches the “artist” of today can become a work of art, which is far from true. Art, this spontaneous manifestation of joy – as I would define it inspired by the vision of our great genius Constantin Brancusi – is what places us on a higher pedestal, closer to divinity, by the Supreme Artist.


The longing for the land that gave birth to me determined me to study a lot of archeology and ancient history. Another reason why I was attracted to these branches was the knowledge of this magnificent land of Italy which can be called “open air museum”. I discovered numerous finds that referred to the troubled and fascinating history of Dacia and my art took other paths … My works began to be populated by signs and symbols “out of time” (Marija Ghimbutas): meanders, swastikas, solar boat, spheres, concentric circles, etc. and to have the colors of archaeological finds: gray, white, black, red, gold , silver, blue, ocher. I am inspired by the culture of mother goddesse, the First religion of Europe.


 Symbol with rich historical and mythological values that I use is the horse or unicorn with reference to the sun, energy, the passage of time, cyclicity, divine consciousness, good that defeats evil. The representations of my horses are inspired by the quadriga of the San Marco church in Venice. 


Now my attention is directed to the magnificent Arab culture and I want to make a series of works inspired by the purebred Arabian horse. Currently I have some artistic collaborations and contacts with Area Contesa Arte, Monograma, Paard Verzameld in Amsterdam, Musee de Clunny in France and various presentations online: Yellow Circle, Margutta Arte, Saatchi Art, Staam up, etc. 


A dream for the future that I hope will materialize is to have an artistic experience in the Arab States, given that we have common passions. I hope to meet people to open my doors to that exotic and fabulous world …


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