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Are you an emerging artist and want to make yourself known? Would you like to appear on our website and in the digital magazine? Send us your art today!

There is no fee involved in the submission process. However, keep in mind that only Diafano Members are finally included on the website and our social accounts. Don’t forget to become a member and start enjoying the benefits that this entails!
send us an email to with the following information:
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    Specify both your name and your artistic name.

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    Include on the submission a valid email. Keep in mind that we will contact you through this email.

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    Share with us a link to your Instagram account or online portfolio.

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    Attach on the email a maximum of 2 pieces in HD quality (separately, in .png or .jpg). Submissions with more than 2 pieces, or with PDF documents, ... are not accepted.

  • 5

    Specify the title of the piece/s attached, the size/s and the materials used. You can add any relevant information regarding the piece/s, meanings, colours, symbols, ...