Covid-19 has forced us to do things differently. For many artists it has been difficult to continue creating during the quarantine, keeping a clear and creative mind. For this reason, we want to open a new virtual exhibition, in which the artists show their works created during the quarantine and in which they explain to us what it has been like for them to be an artist confined at home.


In diafano we believe that it is unfair to charge a submission fee. Therefore, in none of our activities do we charge fees of any kind. Members of the Diafano community pay a membership of 1.99 euros that covers all their services. We believe that this is a fair price for all the services we offer, and we do not charge any type of extra payment.

This Call for Art is open to all members of the Diafano community (you can easily become a member here).

Deadline to send your submission: 10th October 2020.

We will announce the pieces that will be exhibited on October 11.
The exhibition will be open from October 12 to December 31, 2020.

In order to send a submission, send us an email to with 1 or 2 pieces created during covid-19 quarantine, and a small text explaining how the covid-19 and the quarantine has affected you as an artist. Don’t forget anything!