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Aude Rech contact information

I have been painting since my early teens and I have kept an inquisitive eye on the world for the last 40 years.

I am from a very artistic family, one of my relative, Aimé Morot, a painter and sculptor, is shown at the Louvre Paris, my father, Alain Rech, a respected ceramist and painter, shown at the musée de Sèvres, and the latest generation my son a ballet dancer…   in my personal pantheon right after my ancestors, my love goes to Mirò, Picasso, COBRA, Ensor, Klee, Giacometti, Alechinsky, Ricther, Flanagan, Condo, Basquiat, and many others.

Growing up in Antibes, they were my superheroes! I studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur des arts décoratifs in Nice and at Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Beaux- arts de Paris, my main teachers were Debré, Alechinsky, Cueco.

You and I, 2020, 50cm x 60cm (h x w), acrylic painting on paper collage.

I depict the world I am surrounded by. The forces at play in most live forms.
Faces are omnipresent in my work, I can sense intentions, desire, longings. I have the ability to communicate non verbally with people or animals alike. I do have a photographic memory, and see the world in detail.
These settings make ground for a theatrical decor, a set, where my own personal casting is ready for a play that I rewrite every day with each piece I create.

Let me think, 2020, 50cm x 60cm (h x w), acrylic on paper and collage.

The reason I do what I do is because I have the capacity to do it, it is natural, it is my essential source of oxygen, it does make me feel alive. It is all a question of energy and balance.

How I do it: It may appear instantaneous, but in fact it is something that has been brewing for decades and been reflected on to erase all pretense or shame and to have the courage to get in touch with the core.

Moon child, 2020, 60cm x 50cm (h x w), acrylic on paper and collage.

My art is a personal journey, either in terra incognita or in a previously known landscape where I can play with constructed characters, it does feel good to have the possibility to keep them alive or to create them.

Listen to me, 2020, 60cm x 50cm (h x w), acrylic on paper and collage.

The role of the artist is crucial, art is the only thing that elevates us. Give us the feeling of being positively alive.

So pretty, 2020, 60cm x 50cm (h x w), acrylic on paper collage.

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