Diafano started out as a free contemporary art digital magazine geared toward emerging artists. After the first issues, we saw that emerging artists have little or no help in distributing their art. Exposing in large galleries often involves high expenses that are difficult to assume, especially for those artists who dedicate 100% of their time to artistic production.


Beginnings are never easy, and Diafano was no exception. We saw that artists need more than just a magazine to grow. They need their art to reach everyone in the world, not just those who can afford to pay more than $20 for an art magazine. Starting from scratch is complicated, but the support we receive from artists from all over the world pushes us to improve day after day. Thanks to this, little by little we decided to transform our small project into a global emerging artists’ community. It was a great change, and more after starting with a humble magazine!


We know that Diafano has grown a lot, very fast, leading to many changes in a very short time. Those of you who have been following DIAFANO’s journey from day one will know that the project has grown A LOT. Especially those of you who saw how Diafano was in its magazine format!

I’m MARIA, MY PASSION FOR ART IS FOCUSED UPON a single goal: to help emerging artists to gain a foothold in this world.

The other day I realized that on the old website I was hardly introducing myself or the project. My name is Maria, and I have been an art enthusiast since I was little. Fortunately, I grew up in a family that provided me with the necessary tools to learn different artistic techniques and take classes with experienced artists.


Last year, due to different personal circumstances, I decided that it was time to start taking charge of my own life. Since I was little, I dreamed of being an editor of an art magazine or working in an art gallery, and I got to it: I decided to start an online magazine. I received a lot of support from different artists around the world, and that gave me a lot of encouragement to continue with my project! However, as the magazine evolved, so did my desire to offer something more, to try to help each artist I knew, each person who sent me an email with their pieces. I realized that there is a lot of talent out there, and unfortunately very little help. I thought that in the digital age in which we live, a magazine can do little, so I decided to expand Diafano to what it is today: a community of emerging artists in which both myself and the people on the Diafano team (all members of my family), put all our effort trying to offer everything we can and more.